Bonnell Aluminum Capabilities


We’re delighted to welcome you to our website. Bonnell Aluminum is a trusted solutions provider for its many long-term aluminum extrusion customers. We are creative problem solvers rather than order takers. We continue to invest in technology to improve our processes and increase our level of quality and service. We promise that you’re not just an entry on our ledger, you are valued, and our team will serve you to the best of our abilities.

If you’re interested in value-added services post extrusion, you will find that’s where we really shine. Whether it is specialty finishes, machining, assembly or custom labeling and packaging, we are here to make your job easier.

For nearly seven decades, Bonnell Aluminum has pivoted, expanded, and connected our way to becoming an industry-wide innovator. Led by proprietary operations, like our fluid production processes, our tested and perfected procedures unlock the flexibility to meet the custom needs of any customer.

Those same customers have seen our role as extruder expand into that of a partner, deploying tailormade capabilities that can seamlessly move projects all the way from design to assembly to delivery with effortless efficiency. The Bonnell Aluminum of today embodies who we set out to be, while building on what we have learned along the way.

There is no shortage of companies offering extruded aluminum. But there is only one that has proven Excellence Beyond Extrusion––Bonnell Aluminum.

Heavily Invested in Lean Manufacturing

Consistent with our perpetual drive for progress, Bonnell has brought the tenants of lean manufacturing into everything we do. With an emphasis on lowering emissions, reducing waste, and maximizing productivity, lean manufacturing is as beneficial to our plants as it is to our planet. Through these sustainability efforts, Bonnell has been able to lower our carbon footprint, establish process-leadership as our fingerprint, and, finally, combine the two to bring the greatest value for our customers.