About Bonnell Aluminum

Over 65 Years of Excellence Beyond Extrusion

For nearly seven decades, Bonnell Aluminum has pivoted, expanded, and connected our way to becoming an industry-wide innovator. Led by proprietary operations, like our fluid production processes, our tested and perfected procedures unlock the flexibility to meet the custom needs of any customer.

Those same customers have seen our role as extruder expand into that of a partner, deploying tailormade capabilities that can seamlessly move projects all the way from design to assembly to delivery with effortless efficiency. The Bonnell Aluminum of today embodies who we set out to be, while building on what we’ve learned along the way.

There is no shortage of companies offering extruded aluminum. But there’s only one that has proven Excellence Beyond Extrusion––Bonnell Aluminum.

Our Core Values:

At Bonnell Aluminum, our people make the difference. While our workforce is richly diverse and spans multiple languages, cultures, generations, and locations, we’re proud to acknowledge longevity as our common thread. Many of our employees have been with the company for 20 or more years.

Driven by the following Core Values, Bonnell Aluminum employees are proud of the work that they produce and the company’s integral part in our nation’s supply chain:

Protect ourselves, colleagues, & communities.

Open channels & open minds

Welcome all opinions & backgrounds

Stay honest & transparent in everything.

Keep customers’ & colleagues’ interests at heart.

Share the goals & rewards of improvement.

Be individually responsible for one another.

Contribute equally & appreciate one another.

Bonnell Aluminum: Core Values

Bonnell Aluminum: Core Values

A Culture of Continuous Improvement:

Our annual President's Beacon Competition is just one example of how Bonnell Aluminum creates a culture that rewards innovation, progress and unity at every level of the business.