Aluminum Alloy Shapes

From The Beginning to The Beyond

Our signature offering, the Bonnell name was forged as a premier manufacturer of custom aluminum extrusions. Today, thanks to expanded capabilities and pioneered processes, we operate a design-to-delivery solution that maximizes the choice our customers have on every product as well as the value they receive on every order. Not entirely dissimilar to the PlayDoh® sets of our youth, aluminum extrusion works by pressing malleable aluminum alloys through custom designed dies to enable the creation of nearly endless shapes, forms and sizes to meet truly customized design specs and tolerances. As proven experts in the art and science of aluminum extrusion for over 65 years, Bonnell’s second-to-none record for delivering custom designed, fabricated and finished aluminum extruded parts across a wide array of industries and applications ensures that you get the right parts, right from the start.