People of Bonnell

At Bonnell, our people make the difference. Throughout our company locations, we’re proud to note that we have many employees with tenure of 20 or more years.

Driven by our Core Values, Bonnell Aluminum employees are proud of the work that they produce in order to make so many products necessary to drive our economy forward. From pontoon boats to high rise buildings, our products stand the test of time.

Here we feature some of the team that is proud to embrace our Excellence Beyond Extrusion culture. Nimble, agile and effective, that’s Team Bonnell!

Yolanda Armentrout

Worked at Bonnell for 4 years
  • Started HR recruiter for 2 plants and now is working as the Talent Acquisition Manager for the entire organization.
  • Which of Bonnell’s key values most resonates with you? Bonnell does what they say they are going to do which shows integrity. I have witnessed process improvements that were tough at the time but have greatly improved our working environment and allowed us to meet the needs of our customers.
  • Loves family and friends and Notre Dame University!
Brett Francom
Worked at Bonnell for 15 years
  • Started as an engineering intern
  • Current position Sales Manager for custom extrusions over the Western US
  • Which of Bonnell’s key values most resonates with you? Integrity, trust and respect. We are fair with employees and do what we say. Same holds true with customers. We strive in every way to keep our commitments to them and work through any challenges that come.
  • Loves family and the outdoors

Lidia Martinez

Worked since 2011 for Bonnell (10 years)
  • Started as a production worker in an automotive cell
  • Current position Assistant Captain in production
  • We hold ourselves accountable to our customers and each other which fosters mutual respect
  • Enjoys salsa dancing with her husband
Tricia Ayers
I have been with Bonnell Aluminum for 12 years
  • I started at Bonnell as a Customer Service Representative, then from there moved to Inside Sales
  • My current position is Purchasing Manager
  • I enjoy spending time with my wonderful 24-year-old daughter. She is the “Apple of my Eye” and I am so proud of her. I also like to redecorate my house because I love change.
  • Trust is very important to me because being able to speak openly and honestly makes us all better people, which in turn makes us a highly valued supplier for our customers.

Maurice Willabus

April 1992 to date (>29 years)
  • I started as an A1 Factory buffer
  • Current position - Sr. Cad Operator
  • Looking forward to retirement!
  • I continuously strive to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction, always communicate and have impeccable integrity.

The heart of Bonnell is comprised of the cultures, trusts, and beliefs from every person in every plant. We are one team, under one umbrella, striving to exceed with our stakeholders value and using our greatest ideas to achieve greater heights. We celebrate diverse backgrounds, leverage best practices, and honor the success of our past while building on an even greater future. What makes us unique? Our core beliefs and values.

La esencia de Bonnell se nutre de las culturas, las creencias y la confianza de cada persona en cada planta. Somos un equipo, bajo una organizazión integral, que se esfuerza por superar io que voloran nuestros accionistas y que implemento sus mejores ideas para alcanzar resultados superiores.Celebramos la diversidad de origenes, aprovechamos las mejores practicas y honramos nuestros éxitos pasados al construir un futuro aún más grandioso. Qué nos hace únicos? Nuestras creencias y valores fundamentales.