Bonnell Aluminum has a targeted approach with the automotive and transportation markets to partner with our customers to provide aluminum extrusion-based products using world class and automated manufacturing processes. Our professional sales and technical teams will align with our customers on these highly engineered products to develop innovative solutions that meet the service, quality, and cost demands.

Driven by strong company values and technical expertise, Bonnell Aluminum will invest to be a reliable supply partner to our customers so that you are successful. Please schedule time to meet with our team and visit our plants to experience the technology.

The ability to meet automotive quality and capability requirements only resides with a few aluminum extrusion manufacturers, and Bonnell Aluminum Automotive is one of them. We are a lean organization that is nimble and flexible in meeting changing demand for new automotive OEM applications.

The Bonnell Aluminum Automotive Advantages:
  • The Bonnell project management approach through a single-assigned point of contact
  • Bonnell design support helps create the right solution for cost effectiveness and turn- around time
  • Complete understanding of light-weighting, energy absorption and strength needs in the industry
  • Recycled content and ability to recycle end product leads to a green future
  • Trusted partners through longevity in key customer relationships
  • Strength & Stability through 65+ years of market service
  • Providing value to our customers is our top priority. With customer service centers conveniently onsite at our manufacturing facilities, our customer account representatives can respond quickly to customer needs and challenges with the full resources of our multi-plant organization.
  • Automated robotic work cells
  • One stop shop approach
  • Stocking programs

By understanding the need for high-strength alloys in end products, Bonnell Aluminum Automotive can also support your needs with our downstream capabilities such as machining, bending and surface treatment processes.

In aluminum automotive solutions high precision capabilities are mandatory. Bonnell Aluminum Automotive’s facilities allow us to concentrate on a core competency; high quality products designed with your needs in mind.

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