About Bonnell Aluminum

For decades, Bonnell Aluminum has built a reputation as North America's leading manufacturer of custom aluminum extrusions. Bonnell Aluminum provides one of the most comprehensive range of capabilities in aluminum extruding, fabricating, and finishing in the industry. Bonnell is headquartered in Newnan, Georgia, with manufacturing operations located in Carthage, Tennessee, Niles, Michigan, Elkhart, Indiana, Clearfield, Utah, as well as Newnan, Georgia.

Vision and values

Our vision is for Bonnell Aluminum to become the only company in its class that demonstrates the personal attention to its customers as exemplified by many small companies, while providing the stability, security and financial strength of a large corporation.

The values for which we strive are

  1. Excellence in products and service
  2. Continuous process improvement and consistency
  3. Value creation for all stakeholders
  4. Leadership in safety, environmental and regulatory requirements
  5. Trust, respect, integrity and ethics

Lean Manufacturing Capabilities

Bonnell Aluminum is leading the way for aluminum extrusion manufacturers because we care about you. Our company-wide approach to lean manufacturing drives our team to seek new methods for combining aluminum extrusion operations, simplifying tasks, and minimizing material handling. With our nimble, flexible approach to manufacturing, we can quickly implement quality improvements, and scrap reduction techniques. We also can run a wide variety of operational efficiencies, from small process tweaks to major equipment upgrades. You can feel confident that you’re always getting the best possible extruded aluminum product in the shortest possible time frame. With every task we undertake, we focus on lean manufacturing techniques. It’s all part of our ongoing commitment to aluminum extrusion manufacturing efficiency and customer satisfaction.

History of Bonnell Aluminum

1903 - William Bonnell was born on a Missouri ranch. Later in life, he became a trick rider and, eventually, a metallurgist. He began his career and later became a partner in B&T Flooring Co., a contracting firm in Columbus, OH.

Seeking ways to better serve customers, the principals began finishing projects with decorative metal trim. That is when Mr. Bonnell's training elevated him in his field. He was first to design and market a pre-formed sink frame, a development which contributed to the popularity and growth of resilient materials in countertop applications during that period. He was the originator of more than 500 shapes still in use today.

1939 - B&T purchased an extrusion press and was first in the industry to do in-house extruding.

WWII - When scientists of the Manhattan project needed to find methods for extruding radioactive uranium samples to be used in the first atomic bomb, they sought the expertise of B&T and Mr. Bonnell.

1945 - Mr. Bonnell became general superintendent of Trimedge Corp., Youngstown, Ohio, where he continued his record of leadership. When the firm became Trimedge, Inc., he became Vice-President and General Manager.

1952 - The company bought a press from United Extruders in Newnan, Georgia.

1953 - Construction began at the site of the present Newnan, Georgia facility.

1955 - Mr. Bonnell bought out his partner's shares of what had become "Trimedge of Georgia, Inc.", along with the Trimedge patents and trademarks, and formed a new entity, "The William L Bonnell Company, Inc". He was named President, and under his direction, the Georgia plant capacity increased 325% within two years.

1960 - Mr. Bonnell died shortly after making the final payment to his former partner for full ownership of the company. The 5-year payoff was completed in half of the time called for in the original agreement.

1965 - The company became a wholly owned subsidiary of Ethyl Corporation.

1969 - A new facility was opened in Carthage, Tennessee, and Newnan, Georgia became division headquarters for Ethyl's aluminum group.

1973 - Ethyl acquired Capitol Products, a fabricator of aluminum windows in a deal which transformed the company into a major supplier to the building and construction industry. The acquisition included manufacturing facilities in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania and Kentland, Indiana.

1989 - Ethyl Corporation spun off its aluminum, plastics, and energy holdings into a separate business entity named Tredegar Corporation with The William L Bonnell Company Co., Inc. as a core business unit.

1991 - A downturn in housing starts hit the industry hard, resulting in a decline in demand for aluminum extruded products. At this stage, the Company operated four aluminum extrusion facilities: an eight-press plant in Newnan and a four-press plant in Carthage, both doing business as the William L Bonnell Company, and two two-press operations in Kentland and Mechanicsburg, doing business as Capitol Products. To adapt to these changing conditions, the Company began to restructure its operations. The Newnan plant, which had recently upgraded its anodizing and added painting capabilities, began to pursue markets requiring high-quality finished extrusions. The Company closed down its Mechanicsburg plant.

1997 - The Company acquired a four-press and fabrication operation based in El Campo, Texas, from the Reynolds Metals Company, the world's third largest aluminum company, which was shifting its focus to basic aluminum and consumer products.

1998 - The William L Bonnell Company, Inc. acquired two additional plants from the Reynolds Metals Company; Ste-Therese, Quebec, and Richmond Hill, Ontario. It was from the Reynolds acquisition that the Company became known as a market leader in the ladder industry in Canada. Later that year, the Company grew its market presence in Canada with the acquisition of Exal Aluminum, Inc., with extrusion operations in Pickering and Aurora, Ontario.

2000 - The William L Bonnell Company, Inc. continued to prosper as sales for the unit approached $500 million. The situation would change in mid-2000, however, when the industry started to experience a decline in market demand, prompting the Company to announce the closure of the El Campo facility a year later.

2003 - The William L Bonnell Company, Inc. completed an acquisition that year, buying Apolo Tool and Die Manufacturing Inc., a small Ontario, Canada-based aluminum fabricator with whom it had a longstanding relationship. Apolo brought to the company a variety of capabilities, including bending, CNC machining, drilling, mitering, punching, riveting, sawing, and welding of aluminum extrusions and other materials. It also had in-house tool and die design and manufacturing capability to support its fabrication services.

2004 - Due to significant overlaps in capabilities and geographies, the company announced the closure of the Aurora, Ontario, plant.

2008 - Now known as Bonnell Aluminum, the Company agreed to sell its Canadian extrusion operations to WXP Holdings, Inc., an affiliate of H.I.G. Capital, and announced the plan to expand its Carthage, Tennessee operations with the acquisition of a state-of-the-art 5,500-ton aluminum extrusion press capable of producing profiles up to 16-inches wide.

2009 - The U.S. economy entered one of its most challenging times which historians described as the "Great Recession". As a result, for the next two years, with volume down in excess of 30%, Bonnell Aluminum engaged in an aggressive plan to increase efficiency at all levels of the organization by training its employees in "Lean Six Sigma" methodology.

2012 - In order to broaden its markets, the Company acquired AACOA Extrusions, Niles, Michigan, and AACOA Inc., in Elkhart, Indiana. The acquisition of these two facilities not only brought additional extrusion capacity to the Company, but also added in-house fabrication and anodizing operations. Regrettably, the Company announced later that year the closure of its Kentland, Indiana facility in response to continued depressed residential construction activity.

2013 - Bonnell Aluminum announced it was entering the automotive extrusion market with the expansion of the Newnan plant to accommodate the addition of a dedicated 3,600-ton aluminum extrusion line. Notwithstanding that the initial plan was deemed extremely aggressive, the new facility began operation exactly one year after the project was approved: a true testament to the dedication demonstrated by employees directly involved with this project.

2016 - The Company announced an $18 million investment to fund an expansion project to include the purchase of a new state-of-the-art aluminum extrusion line at its AACOA facility in Niles, Michigan. The project, comprising of a state-of-the-art 3600-ton extrusion press, housing a 9-inch container, handling systems and ancillary equipment, also included additional floor space to accommodate increased value-added fabrication capacity.

2017 - Bonnell Aluminum acquired 100% ownership of Futura Industries (“Futura”), a world-class manufacturer of aluminum extrusions. Futura, headquartered in Clearfield, Utah, with a national sales presence and particular strength in the western U.S., supplied a wide range of extruded aluminum products for a number of industries and end markets, including branded flooring trims and TSLOTS, as well as OEM components for truck grills, solar panels, and fitness equipment.

2019 - Bonnell Aluminum has been in business since 1955. Many different companies across all ranges of industry have come and gone over the past 6 ½ decades, yet Bonnell has prospered through thick and thin. We pride ourselves on being a solid and consistent company; one that is nimble and adaptable to the ever-changing and challenging business environment. The new brand launch marks the beginning of another phase in our company’s evolution. The new brand symbolizes a company that continues to move forward and adjusts to new market realities.

Today - Today - Through the leadership of its current president, Brook Hamilton, and the support of Tredegar Corporation, Bonnell Aluminum continues to grow its business strategically in the same innovative spirit upon which William Bonnell founded the Company over 60 years ago.