W. Brook Hamilton


Prior leadership and industry experience (both within the organization and prior)

I started in the aluminum extrusion industry in 1983 with Alcan Extrusions in Toronto, Ontario in an inside sales / customer service role. I subsequently held roles in outside sales, production control (scheduling), production, and plant management in different locations across Canada. I later became general manager of an independent extruder in southwestern Ontario prior to joining BonL Canada in 2005 to run our stand-alone fabrication facility, Apollo. In 2006 I moved to Georgia to become plant manager of the Newnan facility and later became Business Development Manager in the corporate office. In 2013 I became president of Bonnell Aluminum.

Please, explain your passions and values

I am a results-oriented person with high expectations of what we can achieve as a business. However, we cannot begin to achieve our fullest potential without having a solid foundation based on Safety. We review safety every day, with the goal of eliminating risks and reducing workplace injuries down to zero. Without a safe workplace we will never be as successful as we otherwise can be. I am also passionate about building a great team and ensuring the team runs smoothly and efficiently. We can achieve more together than we can working independently in silos with our own agendas. I also value different perspectives and the Diversity of thought which comes with a group of people who have different backgrounds, life experiences and points of views. We listen to everyone, but once we have a chosen path forward, it is important we all support each other in achieving the agreed-to goal. I am fully behind the other core values we have defined that are critical to Bonnell’ success, including Communication, Trust, Integrity, Respect, Accountability, and Celebration. We state these values because we intend to live by them. Character matters, and we are only as good as our word.

What about Bonnell Aluminum makes it a great place to work?

Bonnell Aluminum is a great company because we fill a vital link in the supply chain and serve the needs of our customers. Manufacturing is an essential part of the economy and it is exciting to be part of it. The business itself is fascinating. Every line item we produce is different, and presents its own challenges to get right. The extrusions we make end up as components in everything from skyscrapers to satellites, from solar panels to electric cars, and from hospital rooms to pontoon boats. However, what sets Bonnell apart from other companies is the teamwork and values we uphold. We listen to every voice and provide opportunity for personal growth as we continually improve and expand our business. It’s a serious endeavor, with a lot of responsibility, but we enjoy a laugh and don’t take ourselves too seriously along the way.

Personal interests (hobbies, talents, etc.)

While I thoroughly enjoy my work, I enjoy time away from the office as much as anyone. With three teenagers, family life is very important. We make an effort to go downhill skiing at least once per year from our home near Atlanta, having grown up with skiing as my first love. I have always been mechanically inclined and like to keep busy with house repairs or working in the garage. I also passionately enjoy sailboat racing, canoeing, and riding motorcycles – whether at the track or off-road on a backcountry trip. Remaining active and pursuing a lot of different interests has been part of my life’s adventure.