Robert Cantrell

Director of FP&A and Working Capital

Prior leadership and industry experience (both within the organization and prior)

I have over 25 years of experience in various Accounting and Finance roles with public organizations. Prior to serving as Director of FP&A and Working capital here at Bonnell Aluminum, I was the Division Credit Manager and Working Capital Manager. Before coming to Bonnell I worked as Freight Accounting Manager and Revenue Accounting Supervisor for Norfolk Southern Corporation.

Passions and values

I am most passionate about helping others succeed in their personal and professional goals. I strive every day to become an inclusive and effective leader.

What about Bonnell Aluminum makes it a great place to work?

A great organizational culture is not developed overnight. Bonnell Aluminum’s core values of safety, integrity, trust, respect, communication, accountability, diversity, and celebration are why we are a great company with great people. Opportunities exist for those who believe in these values and work hard to reach both personal and professional aspirations.

Personal interests (hobbies, talents, etc.)

Real Estate, mountain biking, boating, and most of all College Football.