Kimberly Womack

Vice President of Human Resources

Prior leadership and industry experience (both within the organization and prior)

I have worked at Bonnell for 9 years.  My entire tenure with Bonnell has been in the realm of Human Resources.  This includes my current position in the division and previously HR leadership at the Newnan plant facility.

I pride myself on my transferable skills. I have varied job experiences which have afforded me diverse skills, industries, and experiences.  I truly believe that my background provides me with wide perspectives and business acumen.  I understand the jobs being done, I understand the people, finally I am willing and able to understand the details.

My prior experiences include human resources, engineering, operations, and customer service for various organizations.

District Human Resource Manager (Associate Advice and Counsel) – Home Depot 

Director of Human Resources – Target Corporation

Associate Call Center Director – Verizon Wireless

Director of Human Resources – Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

Director of Online Financial Securities – Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

Manager of Human Resources – The Bureau of the Public Debt

Engineer | Manager of Operations – Hewlett Packard

Food Science Engineer – Frito Lay

Please, explain your passions and values – I value empowering people to make a difference: creating value for others and enabling their growth while making meaningful connections.  I love to dig into business problems.  Why?  Because behind every business problem and process lies “people.”  I strive to create positions, scale, and optimize those people.  To accomplish this, I focus on listening before speaking, key business results, building amazing teams, and quickly adapting new insights to current and unforeseen challenges.

What about Bonnell Aluminum makes it a great place to work? “Paychecks can’t buy passion.”  I believe there are five things that make this a wonderful environment.  We care about diversity; we create a culture of “Thanks”; we have leaders that listen; work-life balance is valued; and lastly, we encourage collaboration and overall employee well-being.  I get the opportunity to learn and grow professionally, my voice is respected, and efforts and results are appreciated.

I am allowed to participate in company and segment HR efforts, and the connectedness established has resulted in greater accountability, stronger collaboration among businesses, improved efficiency, and increased effectiveness in meeting both business and companywide priorities and needs.  

Personal interests (hobbies, talents, etc.) Hobbies are great distractions from the worries and troubles that plague daily living.  They make living interesting with extreme joy and pleasure.  I appreciate spending time with my family and friends and have an enthusiasm for volunteering and counseling women’s causes.  I love NPR radio, learning, traveling, dancing, music (playing and listening), watching sports, Cross Fit, cooking, trying new restaurants, being outdoors and jigsaw puzzles – (1500 pieces or more please).