Brett Burris

Plant Manager

Prior leadership and industry experience (both within the organization and prior)

Primary Aluminum, Automotive (Foundry/Assembly), & Building Products

Please, explain your passions and values

I have a passion for organizational growth and continuous improvement. Developing strong teams is a part of organizational growth. I love to implement and execute team development tactics that ensure continuous improvement and success for people to share in. Integrity, respect, and ownership are foundational values for any team to succeed. It’s an amazing experience to end a year having broken some record knowing that it took the entire team’s efforts to get there.

What about Bonnell Aluminum makes it a great place to work?

There are great people throughout the whole organization. There are many opportunities to grow personally and professionally. The company culture is like a family. The organization is flat which allows connection and open dialog with executive leadership.

Personal interests (hobbies, talents, etc.)

Spending time with family and developing my faith. Studying Leadership and process improvement. Working out and eating healthy. Target shooting with both gun and bow.