Packaging Extruded Aluminum Shapes

We understand that after your job has been completed, the project isn't complete until the product arrives at your doorstep. At Bonnell Aluminum, we make customer satisfaction a top priority and we make sure it gets to you the way we produced it.

This often requires special packaging and handling. Often exercising an ingenuity that can't be taught, our packing and shipping staff are continually finding careful, cost-effective packaging solutions. Whether you need custom aluminum shapes or something standard from our existing stock of aluminum extrusions, we understand that you want affordable shipping and your order to arrive in one piece. Because of these desires, our packaging and delivery team focus on protecting your product and your bottom line.

Whenever possible during the packaging process, we cut your aluminum extrusions to shorter lengths to save on shipping costs. For continuing order quantities, we use cost-effective, reusable containers that our delivery truck drivers can deliver and return for you. With our flexible delivery schedules, we’ll help you meet your just-in-time production goals, every time.