James Malone

Plant Manager

Prior leadership and industry experience (both within the organization and prior)

Plant Manager and Operations Manager in the wire and cable industry for 3.5 years with General Cable (dba Prysmian Group). Director of Operations, Business Development Manager, Internal Account Manager, and Production Manager in the power transformer and components industry for 7 years with ABB (now Hitachi ABB Power Grids). Supply Chain Manager, Master Scheduler, Senior Quality Inspector, Supervisor, and High Voltage Tester in the distribution transformer industry for 10 years with Kuhlman Electric Corporation. US Army veteran.

Please, explain your passions and values

My Passions

I am passionate about people, manufacturing, and leadership. I feel they are intertwined and lead to great results for everyone if done right. You cannot have one without the other two in my opinion. People deserve challenging work and good leadership which can be accomplished in manufacturing. It is one of the few sectors where people can work their way up from the ground level to the corner office by being willing to learn and by putting forth a consistent effort. And as leaders, it is our duty to help people grow while navigating the challenges of our day-to-day work.

My Values

My values are rooted in the great examples of leadership I have seen throughout my career. Respect, Integrity, Support, and Equality. Respect for everyone, their talents, and their background. A true appreciation of who a person is, where they come from, and what they can do (now or in the future). Integrity is more than being honest and having a strong moral compass. It is the ability to follow that compass and act in the face of challenge and opposition. Support is helping others learn and grow so they meet their full potential. Equality is the belief that everyone is equal while at the same time being different. It is our differences that makes us stronger and only by acknowledging this do we obtain equality.

What about Bonnell Aluminum makes it a great place to work?

Bonnell Aluminum aspires to be the best while understanding the reality of the present. The organization is on journey that has no end because everyone believes we can be better all the time. This creates an environment where people are allowed to challenge the status quo, participate in the change, and feel valued because of the difference they are making in each other’s lives and the organization.

Personal interests (hobbies, talents, etc.)

I have this uncanny knack of direction and navigation that I would like to believe is a talent. It allows for some great adventures if nothing else. I enjoy travelling to see new sites and taste new cuisine. I love bourbon and the history of the industry. I guess that should be expected from a Kentucky boy. I enjoy cooking for family, recreational shooting, and DIY. I look at everything I do as a learning opportunity.